Brochure on Reservation for SC, ST and other Backward Classes in Services

Brochure on Reservation for SC, ST and other Backward Classes in Services

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Introduction: Constitutional and Legal Provisions; Evolution of the Scheme of Reservation; Institutional Safeguards; Impact of Reservation

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Scope of Reservation: Quantum of Reservation in Direct Recruitment; Quantum of Reservation in Promotion; Reservation in Scientific and Technical Posts; Reservation in Posts of Industrial Workers; Reservation in Work-Charged Posts; Reservation in Appointments of Daily Rated Staff; Reservations in Appointments of Casual Workers to Regular Staff; Reservation in Adhoc Promotions; Reservation in Case of Single Vacancy; Reservation in PSUs, Autonomous Bodies, etc; Reservation in Voluntary Agencies; Non-Applicability of Reservation; Relevant Office Memoranda etc.; Criterion for determining Creamy Layer

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Relaxations and Concessions: Concession in Promotion within Group A; Consideration for Appointment by Deputation and Absorption; Age Relaxation in Direct Recruitment; Age Relaxation in Promotion; Concession in Fee; Relaxation of Experience Qualification for SCs and STs in Direct Recruitment; Relaxation of Standard of Suitability in Direct Recruitment; No Relaxation in Educational Qualification; Relaxation of Standards Departmental Competitive / Qualifying Examinations; Relevant Office Memoranda etc.

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Determination of Reservation Quota: Determination of Number of Posts Reserved; Determination of Reserved Vacancies; Relevant Office Memoranda etc.

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Reservation Registers and Roster Registers: Grouping of Posts; Initial Preparation of Reservation Register / Roster; SC/ST/OBC Candidates Appointed on Merit; Adjustment of Compassionate Appointees; Relevant Office Memorand etc.

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Filling of Reserved Vacancies: Direct Recruitment; Promotion by Selection; Promotion by Non-Selection; Steps to be taken in case of Non-Availability of SC/ST Candidates; Diversion of Reserved Vacancies from Promotion to Direct Recruitment; Safeguards against Suppression of SC/ST Candidates; Implementation of Findings of DPC Kept in Sealed Cover; Relevant Office Momoranda etc.

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Dereservation: Dereservation in Case of Direct Recruitment; Dereservation in case of Promotion; Relevant Office Memoranda etc.

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Verification of the Claims of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes

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Monitoring and Institutional Safeguards: Annual Returns; Incorporation of Reservation Information in Annual Reports; Liaison Officers; National Commission for SCs and STs; Relevant Office Memoranda etc.

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Miscellaneous: Arrangements of Training; Intimation about Competitive Examinations to Pre-Examination Training Centres; Selection of Persons for Posting Abroad; Forwarding of Application for Employment; Prevention of Discrimination; Provisions in Recruitment Rules / Regulations for Examination; Clarifications about SC/ST/OBC Status; Cases of Migration; Claims through Marriage; Cases of Conversion and Reconversion; Cases of Adoption; Relevant Office Memoranda etc.

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Reservations for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes in the Services Under the Public Sector Undertakings, Statutory and Semi-Government Bodies and Voluntary Agencies Receiving Grants in Aid from the Government: Public Sector Undertakings; Statutory and Semi-Government Bodies; Autonomous Bodies Institutions including Municipal Corporations, Cooperative Institutions, Universities etc.; Voluntary Agencies receiving Grants in Aid from the Government;

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